First Engineering delivers staffing services across various engineering industry segments. Our exclusive services work closely with clients and candidates to bridge the employer – employee gap in the least time thus saving time and resource at both ends. Our services bring consistency and reliability to the work front.

We make a difference to the lives of millions of people by providing them the right opportunities with our collaborative endeavors, enabling our patrons to operate in a more reliable and sustainable manner by increasing the effectiveness of the workforce with a more diligent and competent team that is detailed for performance with our elaborative screening, testing, inspection and verification processes.

The quality based services we offer have made us a top choice with some of the leading companies in the industry. It has also made us a highly valued choice in quality contracting to enhance the chances of success when it comes to undertaking challenging projects. We have allied with several companies to offer engineering and other service based talents to address the complex work force situations arising in any field with insight and intelligence.

We bring together people and organizations for an effective and radical industrial progress. This entails provisions for strategic solutions and fostering premier engineering talent with integrity and technical ability to deliver. We therefore take the responsibility of providing these workforce skills to organizations in need of high-level performance and service par excellence.

Telecom Engineering

Telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering that combines electrical engineering with computer science to produce telecommunication systems and solutions and requires proficient recruits. The work in this sphere extends from fundamental circuit designing to strategic mass development systems. The task of a Telecommunication

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Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering is an ever growing field in the sphere of engineering practices. Nuclear engineers require being super - specialty engineers as they excel in research and development of various processes on a large scale. They require the precise knowledge of processes, instruments and equipments that are utilized in their field to draw upon

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Biotechnology is being reckoned as the future of job

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Marine Engineering

Marine engineering or shipbuilding is not a new

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Pharmaceutical Engineering relates to the subsidiary

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