Marine Engineering Staffing Services.

Scope and expansion

Marine engineering or shipbuilding is not a new industry but can be considered as ancient as dating back to the Egyptians who were the first to construct ships and vessels. Since it has been considered one of the most massive and intense engineering disciplines which strictly deals with the application of the allied sciences, mainly electrical and mechanical engineering. The joint endeavors of which are responsible for the manufacture and construction of boats, vessels and other ship components. First Engineering dynamic shipbuilding and engineering staffing services have been offering quality and high performance service recruits in the marine industry.


The roles of marine professionals engaged in the engineering sectors are such that they are responsible for all levels of input that goes into shipbuilding from the creation of smaller units to assembling, repair and retrofit to yacht building and decommissioning, there so many people and so much work involved. This is taken care of by the team of service professionals as well as shipyard coordinators and administrators comprising of mariners, merchant captains, naval officers and other shipbuilding professionals. These people need to have the unique ability and talent to understand the requirements and an innate artisanship.

Marine Engineering Service Offerings

At First Engineering Services, we provide distinguished and knowledgeable maritime staffing solutions to our clients who are in need of marine engineering professionals. As a leading recruiting organization in the marine engineering industry, we realize the need of procuring a workforce that is competent enough to deliver a consistent performance. Our expert team of recruitment professionals with facilities in the U.S and U.K offer strategic marine engineering and service portfolios:

  • Service Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Marine Surveyors
  • Technical Superintendent
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Fiber optic installers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Marine Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers

Our approach

As a recognized Marine staffing solutions provider our approach has always been a top- notch focus on the provision of work force and engineering professionals, we also look forward towards the employee safety training of our recruits in the Marine industry. Our marine engineering professionals understand the specific requirement and offer their expertise in the required situation. Our exceptionally talented and dedicated teams of panelists work diligently to identify ideal solutions for our client requirements and work in a close-knit network which pans across continents and countries.


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