Oil and gas engineering staffing services

Scope and expansion of oil and gas industries.

The oil and gas industry is a comprehensive compilation of global processes comprising exploration and extraction as well as refining and transport. This is carried through large distances over miles and miles of land via pipelines. Oil and gas are reportedly the largest volume products which are used raw as well as by many other tertiary industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, solvents, pesticides, plastics and fertilizers. This shows that the oil and gas production and engineering plays a pivotal role in the flourishment and maintenance of several other industries.

Role of oil and gas engineers

The main responsibilities of an oil and gas engineer are concerned with the activities related to the production of crude oil and natural gas. They mostly have to deal with the exploration and production with the help of earth scientists and help in the retrieval of this organic fuel for economic, industrial and commercial purpose. For this they also have to put into use their knowledge and informatics on the related disciplines like geophysics, economics, reservoir simulation, reservoir, well engineering artificial lift systems and oil and gas facilities engineering. In short, they are the harbingers of the most extensive fuel source to the world.

Opportunities for oil and gas engineers.

There are several well-defined portfolios for oil and gas engineers and are collectively grouped together under petroleum engineering that are in demand by several industries. Oil and gas engineers work in order to produce and optimize the production of oil and gas. They provide the expertise behind enhanced oil recovery techniques. The present industrial scenarios offers budding employment growth and we at Rpohire bring forward these opportunities for the oil and gas professionals to grab the premier positions as:

  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Subsurface engineers

Our vision

With Swift pride we takes the honor in taking care of our contract employees at every step of from extraction to end user services and thus give our bit in solving the industries toughest challenge to produce potential candidates for the oil and gas industry. Our services are provided on a global scale and this is reflected through our efficient enrolment teams throughout our global offices to make sure our clients get what they duly deserve, regardless of their location. It is our constant strife with the help of our HR professionals around the globe to facilitate a prolific on boarding process whenever and wherever required.


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