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Our Inception

At First Engineering, we are devoted to delivering nothing but the best in staffing services in multifarious industrial sectors. As an ever-growing staffing service provider, our role has been a well-crafted one in the operational front of various specialized fields. We strive to retain this consistency in offering new and well-equipped talent with flexibility and accuracy in troubleshooting to meet the evolving changes in today’s cut throat competitive environment. Our staffing solutions are tailored to meet the business requirements of our clients both on a local and global platform.

Our Profile

We have been providing staffing solutions for over 10 years into the IT & Engineering sectors. Our recruiters have a keen eye for potential talent and fetch potential talent to the industry. Our recruiters have acquired a vast amount of diverse experience from working in a variety of industries and are well versed in the technology issues facing the industry today, be it balancing the cost of development to achieving business objectives through outsourcing. We have operations globally in strategic locations across America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Our clients range from medium businesses to major multinational companies and government bodies.

Our Assurance

At First Engineering, we specialize in offering technical staffing solutions for companies and organizations located around the world. We guarantee to offer an assured and promised delivery of the required workforce and our technical recruitment panel is known to procure engineering staffing recruits in less then 48-72 hours as understand and consider the client requirements to be of topmost priority.

Our Mission

The First Engineering Team firmly believe that a satisfied client is worth every endeavour and will do whatever it takes to meet the client requirements. This has been the mission at First Engineering ever since its inception. With this aim in mind, we accomplish projects on time and within budget, present our clients with a flexible and reliable workforce that is specialized in optimizing profitability, and generate operational efficiency.

Industry Specific Staffing Competence

Our advanced solutions for engineering, medical and related fields provides our clients with experts in the independent industrial sectors of energy, oil and gas, power generation, chemical, construction, aerospace and defense, metal, microelectronics, water and waste and several other allied industries. Our competent recruits take the responsibility of managing the risk and reliability of the various power plants and their maintenance and offer value- added and tailored engineering services through their forte in the efficient administration of the facilities, infrastructure and equipments. As such, our services are an all-encompassing approach for the provision of unparalled engineering services with latest drive in innovation and technology.


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