Heavy Equipment Engineering Staffing

Scope and Expansion

Heavy equipment is the backbone of all types of structural needs and earthwork operations. It accounts for all types of machinery involved in the construction and execution of massive projects, which are worth a multi-million turn over. By these, it is generally taken to be heavy-duty vehicles, which are especially designed for undertaking construction projects. These might be inclusive of heavy machines, engineering equipment, heavy trucks and hydraulics. Heavy equipments have been in vogue since very long and have eventually transformed into more sophisticated tools with the passage of time thus making work much easier and a real time saver. This has lead to its importance in the manufacturing sector.

Role of a Heavy Equipment Engineer

The duty of a heavy equipment engineer varies depending on the position and requirement. However, they are responsible for the overhaul, maintenance and repair of the industrial heavy equipment and vehicles as well as commercial transport units connected to or controlled by a power unit. Apart from this, they are responsible for monitoring the duties of the heavy equipment technicians and operators, interpret the work, and administer the technical manuals.

Heavy Equipment Service Openings from First Engineering Services

The job prospects for Heavy Equipment engineers and mechanics in most sectors of construction and production is bound to develop in the years to come, thus providing many opportunities to those looking to offer themselves in this industry. Since they deal with equipments or vehicles used in agricultural, farming, construction, and rail transportation systems for their inspection and maintenance. For heavy equipment starters we offer the following portfolios:

  • Heavy equipment engineer
  • Mechanics
  • Operators
  • Technicians
  • Skilled trade labors
  • Planners
  • Surveyors

Our Vision

At First Engineering Services, we foresee the future of heavy equipment dynamics. We offer services in heavy equipment staffing to some of the biggest names in the industry and our professionals work with the biggest machines and equipments to ensure that they operate smoothly and run with optimum efficiency. We offer potential talent in the heavy equipment industry to help troubleshoot problems of the industry at a fast pace and provide their best mind work when reassembling or dismantling huge machines and their components and parts. First Engineering Services vision has always been to provide top ranking employment opportunities to deserving talent and definite search results to clients seeking professional heavy equipment staffing solutions.


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