Telecommunications Engineering and Staffing Solutions.

Telecommunication Scope

Telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering that combines electrical engineering with computer science to produce telecommunication systems and solutions and requires proficient recruits. The work in this sphere extends from fundamental circuit designing to strategic mass development systems. The task of a Telecommunications Engineer is to take on the responsibility of designing and installation of the telecommunication equipment and its facilities such as the complex electronic switching systems, fiber optics and copper wired telephone facilities. It also overlaps the spectrum of broadcast engineering. At the end of the day Telecommunication Engineers are also responsible for the provision of telephonic and high- speed data, Ethernet, intranet and internet facilities. They are also expected to make use of a variety of telecom equipment and transportation media from a variety of manufacturers for development of the telecom infrastructure.

First Engineering Solutions Technical staffing in the field of Telecommunications offers a high quality recruiting solution as we are a nationwide provider of telecom staffing that comprises :

  • Voice and Data Technicians,
  • Structured Cabling Installers
  • Central Office Installers
  • BICSI Installers, Fiber Technicians
  • RCDD's and PBX or Key System Technicians

Our role is to connect quality consultant contractors to support and facilitate them to attain the best product designs, installations, implementations and the overall maintenance of the products and services.

Affordable Hiring Options

We provide the best solution for lowering the cost to company with the help of creative solutions crafted in the best interests of our clients. Our telecom recruits help to oversee the companies records of equipment and facility assets and work hard to directly impact the maintenance and budgeting of the projects on an affirmative note.

Our elite focus on our client's needs and requirements allows us to maintain a close bond of partnership with our clients and to work in harmony to provide fast and effective resources as we hire the best people for the job acquainted with the most appropriate technical training and hands on expertise bring out the best in them. Our principal goal is to understand the product development requirements of our clients and simultaneously create a befitting employee force for their corporate ambience.

We are professionals in providing a multi tier approach when it comes to telecom specialists. In our Recruitment and placements of telecom professionals we provide opportunities to a wide spectrum of Telecom engineering professionals who are an appropriate fit for each of our clients in their contingent staffing strategy to help optimize their work productivity to an all new horizon.


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